MARKS: 200
TIME: 3 hours


Read the instructions carefully before answering the questions.

  • This question paper consists of FIVE sections.
  • Answer ALL the questions.
  • Start EACH question on a NEW page.
  • In QUESTION 3.3, round off your answer to TWO decimal places.
  • Show ALL calculations where required.
  • You may use a non-programmable calculator.
  • Use the mark allocation at each question as a guide to the length of your answer.
  • Write neatly and legibly.
  • The table below is a guide to help you allocate your time according to each section.
A Short Questions 40 20
B Map Work and Tour Planning; Foreign Exchange 50 50
C Tourism Attractions; Culture and Heritage Tourism; Marketing 50 50
D Tourism Sectors; Sustainable and Responsible Tourism 30 30
E Domestic, Regional and International Tourism; Communication and Customer Care 30 30
  Total 200 180


1.1 Four options are provided as possible answers to the following questions. Choose the answer and write only the letter (A–D) next to the question number (1.1.1–1.1.20) in the ANSWER BOOK, for example 1.1.21 D.

1.1.1 The 2015 Rugby World Cup held in England was an example of a …

  1. global summit.
  2. non-sporting global event.
  3. global political event.
  4. global sporting event.

1.1.2 A tourist will follow the green channel on arrival at an international airport when he/she has …

  1. something to declare.
  2. nothing to declare.
  3. prescription drugs to declare.
  4. travel documentation to present.

1.1.3 To ensure that passengers comply with customs regulations at an international airport when they go through the green channel, customs officers will …

  1. randomly scan all hand luggage.
  2. run a personal security check on all passengers disembarking from an aircraft.
  3. conduct a body search of passengers.
  4. conduct random searches of passengers and their checked luggage.

1.1.4 Duty-free goods are not taxed because …

  1. taxes are allowed at airports.
  2. shops at the national airports are exempt from taxes.
  3. the tax is already included in VAT.
  4. shopping is done in international territory.

1.1.5 A South African outbound international tourist who wants to visit China will apply at the …. for a holiday visa.

  1. Department of Home Affairs
  2. National Department of Tourism
  3. Asian Embassy
  4. Chinese Embassy

1.1.6 The picture below shows a world-famous icon.


  1. The Pyramids
  2. Auschwitz
  3. The Swiss Alps
  4. The Algarve

1.1.7 …. will contribute to a positive experience for tourists at an attraction.

  1. Introducing interactive smartphone activities
  2. Increasing the entrance fees
  3. Increasing the distance between tourists and the items on display
  4. Withholding interesting facts about the attraction

1.1.8 The main sponsor of the Getaway Show:

  1. A travel insurance company
  2. A travel publication
  3. A travel agent
  4. A travel souvenir shop

1.1.9 The main role of South African Tourism:

  1. To employ new role players
  2. To develop an attraction
  3. To introduce tourism laws
  4. To market South Africa

1.1.10 Criterion 1 of UNESCO's World Heritage Criteria states that a World Heritage Site must represent a masterpiece of human creative genius. This site meets Criterion 1 for its excellent examples of San rock art:

  1. uKahlamba Drakensberg Park
  2. Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape
  3. Robben Island
  4. Cradle of Humankind

1.1.11 UNESCO stopped the plans to install a cable car to transport tourists to Machu Picchu. This decision supports the … pillar of sustainable tourism.

  1. social
  2. environmental
  3. economic
  4. corporate social

1.1.12 Environmentally friendly tourists are tourists who …

  1. are interested in extreme sporting activities.
  2. escape city life to go 4x4 driving on the beach.
  3. engage in responsible travel that conserves the environment.
  4. learn as much as possible about their destination's customs, geography and culture.

1.1.13 An employee who is promoted to a new position within the same company, may be required to sign …

  1. a new contract of employment and an application for annual leave.
  2. an application for annual leave and a code of conduct.
  3. a new contract of employment and a code of conduct.
  4. an application for annual leave and a termination of service form.

1.1.14 Information on overtime can be found in the … section of the contract of employment.

  1. leave and deductions
  2. travel benefits
  3. uniform allowances
  4. working hours

1.1.15 A South African outbound international tourist would apply to the ... for a transit visa when changing flights at Heathrow International Airport in London.

  1. Department of Economic Affairs
  2. British Embassy
  3. Department of Home Affairs
  4. American Embassy

1.1.16 A South African working at the airport receives a tip of €5. The €5 makes …

  1. a direct contribution to the GDP of South Africa.
  2. a large contribution to TOMSA.
  3. no contribution to the GDP.
  4. a 1% contribution to TOMSA.

1.1.17 The Ebola outbreak severely affected people on this continent:

  1. Europe
  2. Africa
  3. Asia
  4. Australia

1.1.18 A form of payment that allows for convenient electronic banking from the comfort of your home:

  1. Cash
  2. Bank draft
  3. ATM
  4. EFT

1.1.19 The number of international tourists visiting the country and their average spending per day determine South Africa's ...

  1. local market share.
  2. foreign market share.
  3. stock market share.
  4. investors' market share.

1.1.20 Owners of tourism businesses use customer feedback tools to assess the … of their company.

  1. conditions of employment
  2. current image
  3. finances
  4. conduct of the employers (20 x 1)

1.2 Give ONE word(s)/term for each of the following descriptions by choosing a word(s)/term from the list below. Write only the word(s)/term next to the question number (1.2.1–1.2.5) in the ANSWER BOOK.

BBR; universal access; corporate social investment;
Cradle of Humankind; fringe benefits; BSR; levy;
labour law; Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape

1.2.1 The rate used by a bank when converting from local currency to foreign currency

1.2.2 A factor contributing to the success of a tourist attraction

1.2.3 The contribution made by a business to the community in which it operates

1.2.4 An example of a cultural World Heritage Site in Gauteng

1.2.5 Incentives used to attract and retain employees (5 x 1) (5)

Choose the correct word(s) from those given in brackets. Write only the word(s) next to the question number (1.3.1–1.3.5) in the ANSWER BOOK, for example 1.3.6 passport.

1.3.1 The (Blue Mosque/Dome of the Rock) is located in Istanbul.

1.3.2 Expenses for transport and accommodation are specified in the (tour itinerary/tour budget).

1.3.3 A tourist attraction can be considered successful when the actual number of visitors is (smaller/bigger) than the target numbers.

1.3.4 The IDL has an irregular shape to avoid confusion in terms of dates and time for (islands/ships).

1.3.5 The (code of conduct/contract of employment) promotes ethical behaviour in the workplace. (5 x 1) (5)

Choose a function of each organisation from COLUMN B that matches the logo in COLUMN A. Write only the letter (A–F) next to the question number (1.4.1–1.4.5) in the ANSWER BOOK, for example 1.4.6 G.

1.4.1 tour141 A South African service providing accurate information to promote economic development and growth
1.4.2 tour142 B Promotes sustainable tourism development through capacity building
1.4.3 tour143 C Assists in promoting South Africa as a choice destination both locally and internationally
1.4.4 tour144 D The authority responsible for providing leadership on global health matters
1.4.5 tour145 E Evaluates and assesses sites of global significance, awarding world heritage status to such sites
  F The organisation that provides information on global travel trends

(5 x 1) (5)

1.5 Tourists are visiting famous icons across the world. Study the world map below and identify each icon (1.5.1–1.5.5) visited by tourists.

Write only the correct answer next to the question number (1.5.1–1.5.5) in the ANSWER BOOK, for example 1.5.6 Machu Picchu.


(5 x 1)



Study the World Time Zone Map below and the airline route maps on the next page and answer the questions that follow.


Calculate the arrival time in Buenos Aires when flight QA6790 departs from Sydney. (4)

A tourist flies with American Airlines, flight AA2378, from New York to Lima. He departs from New York at 09:00 on 21 August 2015. The flying time from New York to Lima is 7 hours 30 minutes.
Calculate the time and date of his arrival in Lima. (6)

2.3 There are two travel-related conditions that may be experienced during the two flights in QUESTIONS 2.1 and 2.2, namely jet lag and jet fatigue.

State the travel-related condition that may be experienced by the passengers on the two flights.

Write only the travel-related condition next to the question number (2.3.1–2.3.2) in the ANSWER BOOK.

2.3.1 QA6790   (2)
2.3.2 AA2378   (2)



3.1 Read the information below, study the itinerary and answer the questions that follow.



The Bloodhound team (who aims to break the world land speed record) searched the globe to find the perfect desert to test the fastest car on earth, the British-built Bloodhound SSC. After an intensive search, Hakskeenpan, in the remote reaches of South Africa's Northern Cape, was selected. Runway testing will be conducted in the United Kingdom and, all being well, the team plans to head to Hakskeenpan in October 2016.
How to get there and around: Self-drive. Upington is situated in the Northern Cape, approximately 800 km from Johannesburg and Cape Town, and has a modern airport. Length of stay: Plan to spend several days, as distances are vast. What to pack: Clothing for extremely hot weather conditions, cameras, binoculars, walking shoes, drinking water and sun block. Where to stay: The closest town is Upington, approximately 250 km from Hakskeenpan, but the recommended accommodation is !Xaus Lodge in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. [Source:]


What's happening at !Xaus Lodge? tour31b

  • Dining: In-house dining at the lodge
  • Cultural village: Drive to the cultural village to see San crafters at work or enjoy their San dancing in traditional San clothing.
  • Hakskeenpan track: Bloodhound test drives
    [Adapted from]


Extract from a 5-day itinerary (approximate cost of tour: R7 500)

Day 3: !Xaus Lodge (Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park)
Hired 4x4 vehicles
ONE daytime activity involving the local San community and ONE night-time activity

Day 4: !Xaus Lodge (Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park) to Hakskeenpan
Use 4x4 vehicles
Attend the Bloodhound event
[Adapted from Tourism PAT 2015]

The itinerary above is poorly written and important elements have been left out.

3.1.1 Name TWO important elements of an itinerary that have been omitted from Days 3 and 4 above. (2)

3.1.2 In a paragraph, rewrite and correct Day 3 of the itinerary above, using the format of an itinerary. (8)

3.1.3 The distance between Upington and the accommodation in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is approximately 250 km. After a long-haul flight from London, the British team arrives at Upington Airport at approximately 17:00.

Do you think it would be advisable for the British team to depart for the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park on arrival in Upington? Give ONE reason for your answer. (2)

3.1.4 Give ONE reason why they use 4x4 vehicles on this tour. (2)

3.1.5 Advise the British team on ONE health precaution they should be aware of, especially when visiting this part of the Northern Cape in summer. (2)

3.1.6 Discuss TWO reasons why the Bloodhound Project is going to advantage the Northern Cape as a tourist destination. (4)

3.2 Study the domestic tourism market segments and answer the questions that follow.

Jodi and Carol are 18-year-old adventure-seekers with a disposable income of R5 000.
They enjoy the outdoors and prefer camp-style accommodation.
Devi and Raj from Gauteng have two children under the age of 12. They enjoy spending quality family time at a coastal destination.
They have a disposable income of R5 000.

Thabo and Beauty are both in their mid-forties. They both have a disposable income of
R10 000 or more.

Thabo and Beauty enjoy watching car racing and love the outdoors, adventure and culture.

3.2.1 From the table above, select the most suitable tourist profile for persons that may choose to attend the event at Hakskeenpan. (2)

3.2.2 Give ONE reason for your choice in QUESTION 3.2.1. (2)

3.3 Study the exchange rate table below and answer the questions that follow.

United Kingdom GBP 15.66 16.39

3.3.1 A Bloodhound team member has £1 300,00.

Calculate the amount in rands that he will get for his £1 300,00. (4)

3.3.2 A British tourist pays R550,00 for a Bloodhound T-shirt.

Calculate the amount in pounds the tourist will pay for the Bloodhound T-shirt. (4)

3.3.3 Discuss the buying power of the British team in South Africa, taking into account the exchange rate. (4)



4.1 Study the information in the table below and answer the questions that follow.


4.1.1 Identify the countries where towers A and B are located. (2)


  1. Referring to the above picture, identify the most unusual structural feature of tower A. (2)
  2. Suggest ONE environmental aspect that has led to this unusual feature. (2)

4.1.3 Give ONE reason why tourists would pay to use the lifts to go up tower B. (2)

4.1.4 Explain ONE way in which tower B makes provision for physically challenged tourists. (2)

4.1.5 Name tower C. (2)


MACHU PICCHU One million visitors made the trip to Machu Picchu in 2011 for the 100th anniversary of its 'discovery' by researcher Hiram Bingham. Authorities raised concerns about the site's preservation and therefore limited visitor numbers to 2 500 a day or 912 500 per year.
[Adapted from]

4.2.1 Give TWO reasons why cultural tourists will visit Machu Picchu. (4)

4.2.2 Give ONE reason why the authorities of Machu Picchu are limiting visitor numbers. (2)

4.3 Study the picture below and answer the questions that follow.


4.3.1 Name the European country most famous for bullfights as illustrated in the picture above. (1)

4.3.2 Many tourists enjoy watching bullfighting, whilst others are opposed to this activity.
In a paragraph, give TWO arguments in favour of OR TWO arguments against this activity for tourists' entertainment. (4)

4.4 Refer to the icons below and answer the questions that follow.



  1. Identify icon A. (1)
  2. Give ONE fact on the history of icon B. (2)
  3. Identify icon C. (1)
  4. Give ONE fact on the history of icon C. (2)
  5. Identify icon D. (1)

4.4.2 Identify ONE feature common to icons A, B and D. (2)


Study the map below and answer the questions that follow.


5.1 Identify the TWO World Heritage Sites labelled A and B on the map. (2)

5.2 Identify the province that shares a border with both World Heritage Sites A and B. (2)

5.3 Discuss ONE point of value for the province identified in QUESTION 5.2 of having TWO World Heritage Sites. (2)

5.4 Explain how World Heritage Site B was created millions of years ago. (2)

5.5 Explain ONE reason why World Heritage Site A is regarded as the origin of man. (2)



Study the pie chart below and answer the questions that follow.


6.1 From the graph, identify TWO of South Africa's largest European markets. (2)

6.2 Discuss ONE reason why marketing to the European countries identified in QUESTION 6.1, is money well spent by South African Tourism. (2)

6.3 Name the TWO annual marketing events in Europe that contribute to the high visitor numbers to South Africa from countries identified in QUESTION 6.1. (2)

6.4 Explain how South African Tourism gets funding for their marketing initiatives for the above five countries. (2)




Study the car rental advertisements below and answer the questions that follow.

While on board an aeroplane, a passenger saw the two advertisements in the in-flight magazine. He plans to hire a car upon arrival at his destination.


7.1 Identify the car rental company whose advertisement does NOT project a professional image and a sense of trust and confidence to a prospective customer. (2)

7.2 Discuss THREE elements from the advertisement to support your answer to QUESTION 7.1. (6)

7.3 Some companies do not consider a professional image as important and concentrate only on profits.

7.3.1 Discuss TWO negative consequences of such an attitude. (4)

7.3.2 Referring to picture B, suggest TWO ways how the staff of Supreme Car Rental can contribute to the professional image of the company. (4)


8.1 The poster below was put up at the entrance to a gorilla sanctuary. Study the poster and answer the questions that follow.


8.1.1 Give ONE reason why the international gorilla conservation programme saw the need to design and display this poster to tourists visiting the park. (2)

8.1.2 Referring to the poster, identify ONE environmental issue that is a concern to the management of the park. (2)

8.1.3 Give ONE reason why tourists should not use the flash of their cameras when taking photographs of the gorillas. (2)

8.1.4 Explain ONE reason why tourist groups are given a time limit to spend with gorillas. (2)

8.1.5 Give ONE course of action the management of the park can take against tourists who do not comply with the poster 'Gorilla Rules'. (2)


The park practises two of the pillars of the triple bottom line, namely the environmental and economic pillars.
State TWO ways in which the park can also incorporate the social pillar into their sustainable tourism practices. (4)




9.1 Read the extract below and answer the questions that follow.

Brussels has earned global recognition since hosting the 2014 G7 Summit. Due to recent events in the Ukraine, the planned 2014 G8 Summit in Sochi, Russia, did not take place. Russia was suspended from the summit. Instead, leaders of the G7 nations met in Brussels, Belgium.
At the G7 Summit, a variety of pressing issues dealing with the global economy, energy and climate change were discussed. G7 leaders identified economic growth and job creation as 'top priorities'.
Besides crucial topics under discussion at the summit, the G7 Summit was beneficial for the host country.
[Adapted from]

9.1.1 Explain the heading: From G8 Summit to G7 Summit. (2)

Russia was denied participation at the G8 Summit because of its involvement in the Ukraine.
Explain TWO ways in which this lost opportunity for Russia to host the summit affected the country's image and tourism opportunities. (4)

9.1.3 In a paragraph, discuss THREE ways in which stakeholders involved in planning the G7 Summit could ensure environmental sustainability in respect of transport during the event. (6)

Explain the following statement:
The G7 Summit was beneficial for the host country. (2)

9.2 Study the picture below and answer the questions that follow.


9.2.1 Interpret the message in the picture above about the use of traveller's cheques. (2)

9.2.2 Give TWO forms of payment that have replaced traveller's cheques during international travel. (2)

9.3 Study the statistics below, indicating foreign arrivals into South Africa in 2013, and answer the question that follows.

North America 417 582
Central and South America 129 463
Europe 1 494 978
Middle East 57 382
Asia 435 076
Australasia/Oceania 148 660
Indian Ocean Islands 24 394
Africa 6 889 389
Grand Total 9 616 964
(4,7% up from 2012)

[Adapted from]

Foreign tourist arrivals into South Africa grew by 4,7% in 2013 compared to 2012, performing far above the global average.

Give TWO reasons that contributed to the increasing growth in international inbound tourists to South Africa. (4)


Study the response of the customer feedback tool used by the Inn Hotel and answer the questions that follow.


It appears that Mr Turner did not have a pleasant stay at the Inn Hotel.

Recommend TWO strategies the management of the hotel can implement to address the problems identified by Mr Turner. (4)

10.2 Explain why the staff at the Inn Hotel should pay attention to their guests' comments. (4)