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  1. This question paper consists of SIX questions. 




TIME (minutes)

Short Questions (All topics) 



The Consumer 



Food and Nutrition 















  1. ALL the questions are COMPULSORY and must be answered in the  ANSWER BOOK.
  2. Number the answers correctly according to the numbering system used in this  question paper.
  3. Start EACH question on a NEW page.
  4. You may use a calculator.
  5. Write in black or blue ink only.
  6. Pay attention to spelling and sentence construction.
  7. Write neatly and legibly.

1.1 Various options are provided as possible answers to the following questions.  Write down the question number (1.1.1–1.1.20), choose the answer and make  a cross (X) over the letter (A–D) of your choice in the ANSWER BOOK. 
agric s 1

1.1.1 Municipalities are responsible for ... 

    1. housing subsidies.
    2. refuse removal. 
    3. security services.
    4. shopping centres. (1) 

1.1.2 This body collects taxes on behalf of the government: 

    1. National Consumer Forum
    2. Department of Finance
    3. South African Bureau of Standards 
    4. South African Revenue Services (1) 

1.1.3 This practice shows the most sustainable use of electricity: 

    1. Boil water on a stove instead of using a kettle.
    2. Tumble dry clothes instead of ironing them.
    3. Reheat food in a microwave oven instead of using a  conventional oven.
    4. Use an electric heater in winter instead of an electric blanket. (1) 

1.1.4 Type 2 diabetes is controlled with … 

    1. a normal diet.
    2. insulin injections.
    3. oral medication.
    4. vigorous exercise. (1) 

1.1.5 A possible cause of hyperactivity in some children: 

    1. Additives
    2. Anaemia 
    3. Bulimia
    4. Diabetes (1) 

1.1.6 When the nutrient content of a product is marked as 'low fat', it means the product contains … fat. 

    1. no
    2. very little
    3. a moderate amount
    4. a high amount (1)

1.1.7 A possible advantage of genetically modified food: 

    1. Healthier because no chemicals have been used
    2. No negative impact on the soil
    3. More people can be fed 
    4. No antibiotics are used (1) 

1.1.8 Study the signs below and indicate which ONE would be best to  place in a takeaway restaurant to prevent the transmission of  food-borne diseases. 


 [Source: Google Images]  

    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4 (1) 

1.1.9 The stage in the fashion cycle when clothing prices are marked  down and sold at sales:  

    1. Decline
    2. Innovation
    3. Peak 
    4. Rise (1) 

1.1.10 A characteristic that distinguishes a fashion fad from a classic  style: 

    1. Style appropriate for older people
    2. Timeless style 
    3. Style with sudden popularity
    4. Style appropriate for most people (1) 

1.1.11 Transfer duty: 

    1. Charged to register the mortgage bond and title deed
    2. Government tax payable every time a property changes hands
    3. Payment to the estate agent who oversees the transfer  process
    4. Payment to the attorney who draws up the bond document (1) 

1.1.12 This insurance is the responsibility of a tenant: 

    1. Bond protection insurance
    2. Homeowner's insurance
    3. Household insurance
    4. Lease agreement insurance (1) 

1.1.13 The feature of a washing machine that shows a principle of  universal design: 

    1. Pictures and instructions appear in different languages in the  manual
    2. The door at the front can open at an angle of 90° 
    3. Touch-control buttons at the back of the washing machine
    4. Different cycles, for example economy cycle or rinse-only cycle (1) 

1.1.14 The CORRECT statement regarding a government housing  subsidy: 

    1. South African citizens may receive it twice.
    2. An applicant must be married or have dependants.
    3. Any South African citizen may apply.
    4. It can be paid off over a period of 20 years. (1) 

1.1.15 A disadvantage of building one's own house: 

    1. Not cheap to start a new garden
    2. Not possible to customise the design to individual needs
    3. The building loan does not cover increases in municipal costs
    4. The house cannot be finished on a flexible schedule (1) 

1.1.16 Procedure to ensure that the required standards of products are  met: 

    1. Product specifications
    2. Inventory management 
    3. Quality control
    4. Financial control (1) 

1.1.17 Maintaining equipment in a business is important, as it contributes  to … 

    1. efficient training of workers.
    2. improved storage procedures.
    3. selling products at a higher price.
    4. the efficient production of products. (1) 

1.1.18 The key principle in designing an advertising pamphlet: 

    1. To save printing costs, do not use pictures.
    2. Make the pamphlet small to save paper.
    3. Provide a lot of information to read. 
    4. The headline must attract attention. (1)

1.1.19 The function of a cash flow projection for a business: 

    1. To ensure sufficient cash to meet expenses
    2. To prevent poor stock control in the business
    3. To maintain quality control if there is adequate cash
    4. To ensure sustainable production of quality products (1) 

1.1.20 The business that most likely shows sustainable profitability: 

    1. Business A has many short-term goals.
    2. Business B uses social media to keep in touch with customers.
    3. Business C increases selling prices to have a competitive  edge. 
    4. Business D plans to take out a loan to pay the workers. (1) 

1.2 Choose the symptoms from COLUMN B that match the food-borne disease in  COLUMN A. Write only the letter (A–F) next to the question number  (1.2.1–1.2.4) in the ANSWER BOOK, for example 1.2.5 G. 



1.2.1 Dysentery 
1.2.2 E. coli infection 
1.2.3 Tuberculosis 
1.2.4 Hepatitis

A cramps, diarrhoea that starts  watery but may become bloody
B dark urine, abdominal pain,  jaundice 
C excessive sweating at night,  nausea 
D non-bloody diarrhoea, fever,  abdominal cramps 
E severe cough, loss of appetite,  weight gain 
F watery stools contain visible  blood or pus

 (4 x 1) (4)

1.3 Give ONE word/term for each of the descriptions below. Write only the  word/term next to the question number (1.3.1–1.3.6) in the ANSWER BOOK. 

1.3.1 A group of people who have joined together to pledge regular contributions to a common fund for specific purposes (1) 
1.3.2 After declining a telephonic business offer, money was still deducted  from the consumer's bank account (1) 
1.3.3 Goods that have been imported into a country through unofficial or  unauthorised distribution channels (1) 
1.3.4 Members receive compensation for recruiting other members rather than from the sale of any goods or services (1) 
1.3.5  According to the Consumer Protection Act, 2008 (Act 68 of 2008) a  consumer has five days to cancel a transaction that resulted from  direct marketing, without providing a reason or without financial  implications  (1) 
1.3.6  Products are sold and salespeople receive a portion of the sales from  a lower tier (1) 

1.4 Select FOUR possible reasons why a business would reach its best sales  scenario. Write only the letters (A–H) next to the question number (1.4) in the  ANSWER BOOK. 

A  Customers had money available to buy the products. 
B  Expensive and luxurious packaging was used. 
C Maintenance of equipment was done regularly. 
D Products were good value for money. 
E The business achieved its sales objective. 
F The business grew due to good marketing. 
G The business sold less than the break-even point. 
H The staff was well trained and well paid. (4)

1.5 Choose the clothing item in each set of four options that would be the best  choice to wear with the classic navy chino pants below to comply with the professional dress code of a corporate company. Write only the letter (A–X)  next to the question number (1.5.1–1.5.6) in the ANSWER BOOK, for  example 1.5.7 Y. 

Classic navy chino 
Clothing items to choose from:








2.1 Name TWO forms of renewable energy. (2)
2.2 Explain the term phishing. (3)
2.3 Read the extract below and answer the question that follows. 

The Minister of Finance announced in his interim budget speech of  October 2015 that an increase in VAT remains one of the options for 2016 to  address shortfalls in revenue. 

 [Adapted from The Star Business Report, 22 October 2015]

Explain how an increase in VAT will affect food prices and the disposable  income of South African consumers. (4) 
2.4 Read the information below and answer the questions that follow. 

Living in South Africa is not as cheap as it used to be because prices keep  rising. The value of the rand keeps fluctuating. The country imports many products. The rise in the cost of petrol, diesel and consumer products over the  last few years does not make the cost of living any cheaper. Clothing and  consumer items, like computers, are marginally cheaper in South Africa. 

[Own text]

2.4.1 Quote a sentence from the information above to describe the term  inflation. (1) 
2.4.2 Use the information above and identify TWO items that could be  included in the 'consumer basket' when assessing the consumer  price index. (2)

2.5 Study the information below and answer the questions that follow. 

Water flows into the shower head  where it is mixed with air and  compressed. The air-and-water  mixture is forced out of the shower  head, creating a strong shower stream  at a very low flow rate. 

[Source: shower-head-review]


Discuss how installing this shower head may contribute to the sustainable  consumption of: 

2.5.1 Water (2) 
2.5.2 Electricity  (2) 

2.6 Read the extract below and answer the question that follows. 


  • Save more, save longer and delay your retirement. 
  • Have a good medical aid with comprehensive cover. 
  • Pay off your mortgage bond before retirement. 

 [Adapted from Saturday Star, 7 November 2015]

Choose any TWO of the statements above and analyse how retired  consumers will benefit from EACH.


3.1 Define the term obesity. (1)
3.2 Name FOUR points to keep in mind when treating gastroenteritis in adults. (4) 
3.3 Study the information below that appeared on the label of a bottle of pasta  sauce and answer the questions that follow. 


Filtered water, fresh cream, tomato paste, sundried tomato pulp, butter,  Pecorino and Parmesan cheeses, corn starch, salt, sugar, spices, acidity  regulator (lactic acid), stabiliser, yeast extract, preservative: sorbic acid,  flavouring, natural colourants: beta-carotene and anatto. 

 [Source: 'Mrs Brown's Sundried Tomato and Pecorino Cheese Pasta Sauce']

3.3.1 Which ingredient is present in the largest quantity? (1)
3.3.2 Identify the ingredient that is most commonly irradiated. (1) 
3.3.3 Identify THREE ingredients on the label that contain one or more of  the most common allergens. (3) 
3.3.4 Explain the function of sorbic acid as a chemical preservative in  this product. (2) 
3.3.5 Discuss why this product is NOT suitable for the prevention of  osteoporosis. (2)

3.4 Study the menus for BREAKFAST A and BREAKFAST B below and answer  the questions that follow. 


Strawberry, mango, kiwifruit slices
Wholegrain muesli and low fat  yoghurt                  
Stewed liver in onion sauce 
Poached eggs 
Wholewheat bread and margarine
Coffee with low fat milk


Chocolate croissants with cream              
Cornflakes with milk 
Fried beef sausages 
Fried eggs 
Brown bread and margarine 
Coffee with non-dairy whitener

3.4.1 Identify TWO food items on the menus that must be avoided by a  person with lactose intolerance. (2) 
3.4.2 Explain why BREAKFAST B will contribute to arteriosclerosis. (6) 
3.4.3 Give THREE reasons why BREAKFAST A will be the best choice  to manage anaemia. (6) 

3.5 Read the extract below and answer the question that follows. 

A report from the Academy of Science of South Africa stated that most South  Africans lack the following six micronutrients in their diet: Vitamin A,  B vitamins, folic acid, selenium, iron and zinc. This has a serious influence on  people living with HIV/Aids and tuberculosis. 

 [Source: Die Burger, 15 August 2013]

Explain why the nutrients in the extract above will have a positive influence on  people with HIV/Aids. (4) 

3.6 South Africa often experiences periods of drought. Analyse how droughts may  affect food security and the South African economy negatively. (8) [40]

4.1 Define the term dress code. (2)
4.2 Write a paragraph to explain what eco-friendly fabrics are. (6) 
4.3 Explain how the changing role of women in the workplace has a positive  influence on fashion changes by referring to the following factors: 

4.3.1 Economic factors (2)
4.3.2 Social factors (2)

4.4 Study the picture below and answer the questions that follow.  


The woman is wearing a cream-coloured  jacket with a tied belt, black knee-high  pants and black flat sandals. 


4.4.1 Explain the optical illusions created by the use of colour in this  outfit. (4) 
4.4.2 Motivate why the jacket is a good choice as a basic item for a  working wardrobe. (4)


5.1 Name TWO costs that are included in bond registration fees. (2) 
5.2 State who is responsible for making the rules and regulations in a sectional  title complex. (1) 
5.3 Explain why monthly levies must be taken into account when buying sectional  title property. (2) 
5.4 Explain the following terms: 

5.4.1 Mortgage bond (2)
5.4.2 Deed of sale agreement (2)

5.5 Study the information below and answer the questions that follow. 


  • Different sized burners with a grid that can be lifted
  • Clear instruction manual
  • Childproof safety lock
  • Can be bought cash or with a credit card 

[Own text with picture from Google Images]

5.5.1 Compare a cash payment with a credit card payment when buying  the gas stove. Tabulate your answer as follows: 


CREDIT CARD         






5.5.2 Explain the benefits of the following aspects of the gas stove: 

    1. TWO universal safety design features (4)
    2. Human energy consumption (2)
    3. Non-human energy consumption (2)

5.5.3 Describe the positive impact of gas on the natural environment. (4)

5.6 Study the graph below and answer the questions that follow.

5.6.1 Identify the two-year period during which a fixed interest rate would have been more beneficial to a home owner with a mortgage bond. (1) 
5.6.2 Give reasons for your answer to QUESTION 5.6.1. (2)

5.7 Read the scenario below and answer the questions that follow. 

Mr Bones bought a house in an old residential area with a high crime rate.  The price of the house was within his budget and he planned to rent out the  house.  
After he did all the repairs, he found tenants but they only stayed in the house  for three months. They complained that the rent was too high for the area in  which the house was situated. 
He became desperate and allowed tenants to occupy the house without  paying a deposit. After two months, without giving notice, these tenants  moved out and disappeared without a trace. Mr Bones sold the house for a  price slightly higher than the purchase price. Soon, even before the new  owner could move in, there was a break-in. 

 [Own text]

5.7.1 Discuss the disadvantages of renting out the house for Mr Bones. (4) 
5.7.2 Mr Bones did not make a sound investment. Motivate the  statement. (8)


6.1 State FOUR factors an entrepreneur must consider when choosing a suitable  product for small-scale production. (4) 
6.2 Give ONE example of EACH of the following types of media that could be  used to advertise a product: 

6.2.1 Print media (1)
6.2.2 Electronic media (1)

6.3 State the purpose of a financial feasibility study. (2) 
6.4 Give reasons why it is important for a business to calculate the production  cost and selling price of products accurately for sustainable profitability. (2) 
6.5 Read the scenario below and answer the questions that follow. 

Nelly, a Grade 11 Arts learner, sells beautiful, neatly crocheted and finished off hair bands at school and in the community. She does this to supplement  her pocket money.  
Nelly crochets every day while watching television, after her household  chores, homework and studies have been completed. She uses basic crochet  patterns in magazines and files them in a flip file. She collects used paper  from her teachers and exchanges them for recycled coloured paper at the  nearby paper mill. Nelly uses the paper to make envelopes, which are simple  to open and close, to package the hairbands. She uses buttons from old  clothes to decorate the envelopes. Nelly stores the coloured paper, crochet  yarns and hooks, which her grandmother gave her, in shoe boxes. This helps  with stock control. 
With the profit that she generates she buys stock, toiletries and lunch at  school. She records her income and expenses. The cost of yarn for five  hairbands is R36,00 and glue for 20 envelopes is R25,00. For every hairband,  she pays herself R6,00 for labour. Her profit on each hairband is 65%. 

 [Own text]

6.5.1 How does Nelly ensure that the design of the packaging for the  hairbands is appealing to consumers? (6) 

    1. Name the distribution method that Nelly uses to sell the  hairbands. (1) 
    2. Discuss TWO advantages of the distribution method that  Nelly uses to sell her product. (2)

6.5.3 Discuss ways in which Nelly maintains sustainable production. (6) 
6.5.4 Calculate the production cost and selling price of ONE hairband.  Show ALL calculations and round off the final amount to the  nearest rand. (7) 
6.5.5 Analyse how Nelly ensures efficient production of quality products. (8)

TOTAL: 200

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